Is It Safe To Use A 96W Macbook Charger With An AirPod Case?

With so many Apple products being released, it’s hard to remember what works with what. One of these accessories is the AirPods case is so tiny, but has a normal Lighting connector. So the question now is can you use the 96W Macbook USB-C charger with the AirPod case?

Yes, you can use this super-powered charger with your AirPod, AirPod gen 2, AirPod gen 3, AirPod Pro, or even the AirPod Pro gen 2 case. You’ll get a fast, safe charge.

The new MacBook Pro computers come with a fast-charger that is able to charge even a phone up to 50% in 30 minutes. So if you are using this charger with the new AirPods case, it will charge your AirPods much faster than before. This charging method will blow away the wireless charging coil that is compatible with Qi-certified chargers.

AirPods case can also be charged with other iPhone and iPad chargers, like the 5W, 29W, and 30W, but it will charge slower than if you were to use the fast-charger that comes with the MacBook. And always we recommend using the official Apple chargers because they are fast and entirely safe. Plus they are protected by Apple’s warranties where off-brand chargers may not be.

In Short

So there you have it, yes you can use the 96W Macbook charger with any AirPod case. And not only that, but it will actually charge your AirPods faster than before.