Is It Safe To Use A Black Max Weed Eater?

You may have seen a Black Max weed eater and wondered if it is safe to use. Maybe you already own one and want to know more about it. In this blog post, we will take a look at the Black Max weed eater and see if it is safe to use.

The Black Max weed eater is a popular choice for many people. It is lightweight and easy to use, and sold at most Walmart stores. But is it a safe tool?

Based on positive user reviews and a lack of product recalls, the Black Max seems to be a safe tool. That is to say, that it’s as safe as a weed eater (aka weed wacker) can be. String trimmers aren’t particularly safe tools and always need to be operated with an abundance of caution while wearing properly safety gear, and far away from pets, children, and bystanders.

Another positive sign for the safety of this tool is that even the negative reviews (typically 1- and 2-star ratings) don’t say anything about the tool being unsafe. The most common complaint with the Black Max is that it stops working (usually because of problems with the motor, handle, or attachments), but not that it is unsafe to operate.

This weed eater doesn’t have a loop harness and two-handed handled that you’d see on a professional quality string trimmer. We like to see those in order to prevent swinging, lower impact on your back, and to keep the trimmer away from the user’s legs. This is a common issue, but it’s a safety issue wit the Black Max Weed Eater.

Black Max did has a product recall for its generators but nothing associated with weed whackers.

Who Makes The Black Max Weed Eater?

This is a popular question with no clear answer from most of the people who use and even those who sell this product. It turns out that Hart Consumer Products, Inc. makes the Black Max Weed Eater line of tools. Hart Tools is owned by the larger company of Techtronic Industries Company Limited, better known as the TTI Group. This company also makes Ryobi, Milwaukee, AEG, and a number of other tool brands.

In Short

The Black Max weed eater is a popular choice for many people. As with any weed eater (or weed wacker tool) there are some safety concerns that you should be aware of before using one. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and always wear the proper safety gear when using a weed eater.