Is It Safe To Use An Instant Pot If The Base Is Detaching?

Recently, there have been some reports of the base of the Instant Pot detaching from the pot. This has led to some people questioning whether or not it is safe to continue using the Instant Pot if this happens. Here is what you need to know.

If the base of your Instant Pot detaches from the pot, it is likely not safe to use. While some people claim that this sort of detachment is purely aesthetic, there is a good chance that isn’t and that your Instant Pot is compromised.

It is important to first unplug the Instant Pot and then check the detach point. If there are no visible damage you can try to reattach the base and continue using the Instant Pot, but the best bet it so contact the company for a replacement.

Because the Instant Pot is meant to run for long periods of time, mostly unwatched, you’ll want to be sure vigilant about the condition of the device and follow the adage: “when in doubt, toss it out!”

While detached bases are not a common occurrence, it is important to be aware of the potential issue and know what to do if it does happen. This can result in instability of the pot as well as exposure of electric wires and connection that should be secured. This problem can get worse if you pick up the Instant Pot incorrectly, especially if there is something inside.

So, on the whole, it might be painful to do so, but we’d recommend you stop using the Pot, contact the manufacturer and try to send them a picture to get a full diagnosis. Chances are that you’ll want to get a new Instant Pot, not stress out about this one.

In conclusion, if the base of your Instant Pot ever detaches from the pot while in use, simply unplug the appliance and check for any metal shavings at the detach point. If there are no metal shavings present, you can reattach the base and safely continue using your Instant Pot. However, if there are metal shavings at the detach point, do not attempt to reattach the base and instead contact the company for a replacement unit.