What Happened To Nabisco Chocolate Wafers? Are They Safe?

It’s been a rough few months for Nabisco. First, the company announced that it was discontinuing its much-loved Honey Maid graham crackers in favor of a new, “healthier” recipe. Now, another one of its iconic products is vanishing from store shelves with nary an explanation: the Nabisco Chocolate Wafer.

Reports of the chocolate wafers’ disappearance began trickling in last month[1]WPDH: https://wpdh.com/famous-cookie-goes-missing-from-hudson-valley-shelves/, but it wasn’t until recently that the gravity of the situation began to set in. Many chocolate wafer fans have taken to social media to bemoan the loss of their favorite cookie, with some even going so far as to start petitions begging Nabisco to bring them back. So far, however, the company has remained tight-lipped about the situation.

This has naturally led to speculation about what could have happened. Are the chocolate wafers being discontinued? If so, why? Are they safe to eat? Here’s everything we know about the disappearing Chocolate Wafers.

What Happened To Nabisco Chocolate Wafers?

At this point, it’s still unclear what happened to Nabisco Chocolate Wafers. The cookies were seemingly missing in areas, and many feared they were discontinued without any warning or explanation from Nabisco. This had previously happened with the ginger flavor of Nabisco wafers.

Any discontinuing of a popular product will lead people to speculate that there may have been some sort of safety issue with the product. However, there has been no confirmation from Nabisco about this being the case and no evidence we could find online about the cookies being unsafe (even if they aren’t healthy).

Are Chocolate Wafers Safe?

Without any evidence to the contrary or any word from Nabisco, there’s no reason to believe Chocolate Wafers are unsafe to eat. Given that there has been no widespread recall of the product and no reports of anyone becoming sick after eating them, it’s safe to assume that they are not harmful.

If you have a box of Nabisco Chocolate Wafers in your pantry that you’re unsure about eating, you should go right ahead and enjoy them in your favorite icebox cake recipe.

Closing Thoughts

At this point, it’s still unclear what happened to Nabisco Chocolate Wafers or why they suddenly disappeared from store shelves with no warning or explanation from the company. This wasn’t true in all areas so perhaps it was simply a supply chain issue or some kind of Covid-era shortage.

Hopefully we’ll get some answers from Nabisco soon so we can all sleep soundly at night knowing whether or not our favorite cookies are safe!


1 WPDH: https://wpdh.com/famous-cookie-goes-missing-from-hudson-valley-shelves/